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Key Dates

6 April
Start of new tax year.

19 April
Deadline for PAYE payments for previous tax year.

19 May
Deadline for filing P35, annual PAYE end of year returns.

31 May
Deadline for giving P60’s to employees.

6 July
Deadline for filing benefit and expenses forms, P11D, as well as giving copies to employees.

19 July
Payment deadline for Class 1a NIC payments, (on expenses and benefits).

31 July
Payment date for second instalment of self-assessment tax/NIC.

5 October
Deadline for notifying HMRC of tax chargeability, if not registered for self-assessment.

31 October
Filing deadline for paper self-assessment returns.

31 January
Filing deadline for self-assessment returns, if filed online.
Payment date for first instalment of self-assessment tax/NIC, as well as any ‘top-up’ payments due for the previous year.